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Films From Palestine: A Poem

The Flower of All Cities, So Much I want to Say

Palestine in the Eye, The Flower of all Cities,

Hundred faces for a single day, Children Nevertheless.

Here and Elsewhere, The Memory.

Homeland of Barbed Wire, Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land,

Chronicle of Disappearance, In Search of Palestine, Jenin, Jenin.

News Time, Divine Intervention,

The Upper Gate, Check point.

Women in Struggle, Women Beyond Borders, Measures of a Distance,

We Began Measuring Distance, Encounter Point.

Tell Your Tale Little Bird, To Shoot an Elephant,

The White Elephant, A Boy, A Wall and  Donkey, Zooland.

Lemon Tree, Pomegranates and Myrrh, A Plate of Sardines.

The Colour of Olives, Oranges, Strawberry.

Rana’s Wedding, Jamila’s Mirror, Leila and the Wolves, Hanna K,

Arna’s Children, Laila’s Birthday, Rachel, Omar, Wajib, Naila and the Uprising.

I signed the petition, The Reports on Sarah and Saleem, Wedding in Galilee,

The Wanted 18, Stone Cold Justice.

It Must Be Heaven, Moonscape, In the Future They Ate from the Finest Porcelain,

When I saw You, Five Broken Cameras.

The Turtle’s Rage, Tears of Gaza, Deep Sleep,

My Love Awaits Me By The Sea, Salt of the Sea.

It’s Better To Jump, Slingshot Hip Hop, Memory of the Cactus,

The Iron Wall, 5 Minutes from Home.

Keywords, Defamation, Gaza: Stay Human, Gaza Fights for Freedom.

Donor Opium, A Magical Substance Flows into Me, Stronger than Speech, Perpetual Recurrences.

The Visit, A Man Returned, Because Roots Don’t Die, O Persecuted,

Ave Maria, Between Heaven and Earth, The Roof.

Three Logical Exits, Like Twenty Impossibles, In Vitro,

Palestine Underground, In Between, A Port of Memory, A Space Exodus.

When Things Occur, Your Father was born a Hundred Years Old and So Was The Nakba,

The Time that Remains, An Explanation: And Then Burn The Ashes.

Our Music,

Paradise Now,

Good Times,

Until When,

Dreamy Visions,

Coffin of the Memory,


Palestine Remembered, Occupation 101, Looted and Hidden: Palestinian Archives in Israel,

A Handful of Earth, Homemade Barbed Wire.

Tale of Three Jewels, Palestine Blue, Chronicle of a Disappearance, Homage by Assassination.

The Night,

The Dream

Suspended Dreams,

Frontiers of Dreams and Fears,


Fertile Memory, Palestine is Still The Issue, Children of Shatila, Before the Massacre, After the Massacre,

Hundred Faces for a Single Day,

Introduction to the End of an Argument, They Do Not Exist,

So Much I want to Say.

So Much I want to say.

Palestine in the Eye, The Flower of All Cities.