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2020 | News

Thin Air

Short story published in Middle of the Sentence, The Common Breath Anthology, Scotland. Available to purchase.


2020 | News

Dil Bahar

2019 | News

Shortlisted for Primadonna Prize

The shortlist for the inaugural Primadonna Prize has been unveiled at the Primadonna Festival weekend, dedicated to championing women writers.

Around 1,000 people attended the festival at Laffitts Hall in Suffolk with five authors in the running for the £500 prize and offer of representation by British Book Award-winning agent Cathryn Summerhayes at Curtis Brown…


2019 | News

The Primadonna of Anarkali Book Market

Listen to me read at 17.15.

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2018 | News

Shortlisted for The Screen Craft Award (USA)

The Salehs, shortlisted for The Screen Craft Award (USA).

2017 | News

Poached Eggs

The short story, Poached Eggs, is the joint winner inaugural Gerald Kraak Award. Featured in Pride and Prejudice Anthology, published by The Other Foundation, (South Africa).

Pride and Prejudice is a collection of the short-listed entries to the inaugural award, named after Gerald Kraak (1956–2014), who was a passionate champion of social justice and an anti-apartheid activist.

Poached Eggs is described as a subtle, slow and careful rendering of the everyday rhythms of domestic terror that pays homage to the long history of women’s resistance; yet with wit and humour and grit, the story also sings of freedom, of resistance and the desire to be unbound.


2017 | News

The Helper of Cattle

The Helper of Cattle, a short story  commissioned by Comma Press for Conradology; Celebrating the work of Joseph Conrad. Available for purchase.

Born in what is now Ukraine to Polish parents, naturalised as a British citizen, and schooled on the high seas of international commerce, Joseph Conrad was a true citizen of the world. His novels bore witness to the dehumanising repercussions of empire, explored a world in which state-sponsored terrorism ruined individuals’ lives, and pioneered complex narrative structures and subjective points-of-view in what was to become the first wave of literary modernism.

To mark his 160th birthday, 14 authors and critics from Britain, Poland and elsewhere have come together to celebrate his legacy with new pieces of fiction and non-fiction…


2016 | News

Poached Eggs

Short story, Poached Eggs, shortlisted for The London Short Story Award Anthology, Kingston University Press (UK).

2016 | News

A Safe Place

Short story, A Safe Place, shortlisted for The British Asian Writer Award. Published in Dividing Lines Anthology, Dahlia Press(UK). Available for purchase.


2016 | News

A Clump of Nsenenes

Short story, A Clump of Nsenenes, shortlisted for The Sunderland Waterstones Short Story Award (UK).